Welcome Baby Chicks!

After spending a long weekend with my friend Bridgette (read about that HERE) and her chickens, I quickly decided I too needed chickens. I’ve always wanted to have fresh eggs and Brian and I have talked a lot about providing for our selves and knowing where our food comes from. Chickens seemed like a good place to start this homestead adventure.  More than that after visiting Bridgette I realized chickens are more than fresh eggs, they are family pets and an excellent addition to any home.

I did research, read a lot of blogs, and ended up ordering chicks from My Pet Chicken. I had a wonderful experience with My Pet Chicken and can not say enough positive things about this company and their customer service.  From the beginning they were helpful and easily accessible. After my initial order I revised (added chicks) my order, the representative was so kind and helpful, she spent time on the phone with me going over basic chick questions and quickly revised my order. I also utilized their instant messenger, again asking questions about my chicks, breeds, and basic care. I was a mess waiting for them to arrive – I called our local post office at least three times to see if they could tell me any more information than my tracking number could. Finally all our chicks arrives safe and sound. My Pet Chicken takes great care in shipping baby chicks, you can read more about their process HERE and how chicks are able to ship right after hatching HERE.

I face timed Bridgette as soon as I got them home, I felt like a new over obsessive mom – the kind that wakes her baby to make sure they’re still alive, the first night I woke up at least 5 times to check on them. And now a week later I have calmed down and all eight chicks are still with us.

Each chick has a disney name (obviously) and are officially one week old today.

Belle – Lavender Orpington
Duchess – Golden Laced Wyandotte
Lady – Easter Egger (I think)
Daisy – Light Brown Leghorn
Lilo – Barred Plymouth Rock
Elsa – Speckled Sussex
Wendy – Australorp 
Boo – Blue Splash Maran

It has become very apparent to both Brian and I that I have quickly become that crazy chicken lady. But, thats just fine with me – Check back for chicken updates in the coming months! And if any of you experienced chicken raisers have any advice please share with me!

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