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Wedding Win: Cricut

Most of what I did for our wedding I did myself – we had no wedding planner or decorator, just me and a lot of wonderful friends and family. I was apprehensive doing so much of it myself, I’m a perfectionist and wanted everything to be beautifully perfect. I am also certainly no creative master mind so I was a little stressed and very overwhelmed about getting it all done.

Until I met my match made in DIY heaven – my Cricut. My friend from work told me about it and I immediately ordered one, kind of embarrassed I didn’t know about it beforehand. A Cricut is a cutting and writing machine, it cuts vinyl, iron-on (how I made our shirts for the morning of the wedding), paper, poster board, leather, and writes on all sorts of surfaces. The best part is how easy it is to use. The software is simple and the video instructions they provide are easy to follow. I am still learning how to use it in more intricate ways but it saved my life for our wedding. Everything I made or created was on another level because of my Cricut.

I will be posting more about my Cricut and using it for a wedding but, I just had to share a few of my favorite wedding projects.  This was definitely a wedding win (maybe even my number one wedding win), honestly, I’m not sure how I would’ve done everything I wanted without it.

Photo: Lilie Photography

I made champagne glasses for each of my bridesmaids using vinyl, it was a ten minute project but was such an extra special touch.

Photo: Lilie Photography

I was really excited to have Bride on my Starbucks cup. My mom bought these reusable Starbucks cups for two dollars and then I added the name and role with vinyl.

Photo: Lilie Photography

I used glitter card stock paper and made a simple image for our cake topper. It was the perfect Disney touch and I saved a lot of money.

Dawson-Wedding-Story-348 (1)
Photo: Lilie Photography

At the kids table each seat had a bucket with their name on it in vinyl, filled with fun little toys that we got at the dollar store.

Find out more about the Cricut HERE – Since the wedding I have continued my Cricut addiction by making things for a friends baby announcement, birthdays, and the home.


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  • A cricut has been on my wishlist for years! I can’t imagine how perfect it was for wedding decor. Everything looks great!

    • Its basically my favorite thing ever! They have good deals on the bundles – you should check it out!


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