Wedding Win: Vow to be Chic

I knew when I started wedding planning that I wanted sequin bridesmaid dresses I just think they’re so pretty and make the event feel so glamorous. My dreams were kind of shattered though when I found out how expensive rose gold sequin gowns are. Being a bridesmaid is already so expensive and I certainly wasn’t about to ask my girls to spend $300.00+ on a dress they probably really would only wear once.

So I started looking at other dresses and giving up on my sequin dreams. Then I was browsing pinterest and came across an ad for Vow to be Chic.


Vow to be Chic is bridesmaid dress rental company. They have a huge variety of designer dresses in multiple styles and colors. You create a group online and invite all your bridesmaids to reserve their dress for the wedding. They receive the dresses about two weeks before the wedding and place it in a pre-postaged package after. I’m not going to lie I was really really skeptical and nervous about renting dresses I had never seen in person, also knowing that we wouldn’t be able to alter them was a concern.


Despite all my anxieties this company was definitely a wedding win for me. Most of my girls ended up changing their dress sizes between the first order and the wedding, the consultants were always so nice and made it easy to change sizes or styles. Even after the dresses arrived (about three weeks before the wedding) girls changed sizes and lengths, the new dresses were delivered two days later. The dresses were great quality and exactly how I pictured them, we were so surprised about how well they fit.


The whole process was so easy, totally relieved some stress, and saved my bridesmaids around $200.00.

Check out Vow to be Chic HERE

All photos credit to Lilie Photography

Note: This is not a sponsored post I just really loved this company and was so happy I used them.

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