Arizona Finds Gluten-Free

The Screamery

The Screamery is one of my favorite spots in Tucson, they have the best ice cream in probably the whole state of Arizona. There are three locations – Houghton, Speedway, and Congress.  All their ice cream is made here using only the best natural ingredients, the milk is from grass fed cows and there are no artificial chemicals! All of that makes for the best tasting ice cream I’ve ever had.


Not only is their ice cream the best but their flavors are out of this world and many of them are gluten free! My absolute favorite is the Sweet Cream Honeycomb – It’s a sweet cream ice cream base with chunks of honeycomb. I’ve been known to be able to finish off a whole pint of it in one day. Their flavors rotate often and there is always new and delicious flavors to try.



Since we love so many of the flavors we almost always opt for a flight when we are there. A flight is 6 individual scoops of different ice cream flavors. It’s the perfect amount to share and you get to taste 6 different flavors! We always rate them from favorite to least favorite when we’re done and even our least favorites are better than any store bought ice cream.


Brian and I would go everyday if we could, thanks for being so delicious Screamery — We love you!

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