The Stand

Brian and I use Yelp a lot – specially to find gluten free restaurants. We try to take the reviews with a grain of salt, it’s impossible to make every customer happy. With that said, we have found some of our favorite restaurants through Yelp.  

About a year ago we were in Phoenix looking for a quick meal before catching a flight and through Yelp we found a small fast food stand that no exaggeration changed our lives.

The Stand is a fast food local restaurant in south west Phoenix — they boast no preservatives, trans fat free oil, gluten free rice bran oil, and more. Your food is prepared right when you order it, which sometimes results in longer waits but it is beyond worth it.

the stand

There isn’t an item on the menu at the stand that is less than outstanding. Their short rib tacos on a corn tortilla are always my go to pick. But, I also love their burgers, which they offer gluten free buns for! Their fries are my favorite fries, and safe to eat for those of us with a gluten allergy. You definitely want to order some stand sauce to dip your fries in or put on your burger. Just when we thought we couldn’t love them anymore, we ordered a shake. They offer hand spun milkshakes in the traditional flavors of chocolate and vanilla, and they’re delicious, but their best shakes are their specialty flavors. my favorite is the banana stand but dulce de Leche comes in a close second.



The staff is always so friendly and the food is always delicious – we’ve been known to go way out of our way to go, but we never regret it. If you’re in Phoenix you absolutely have to make a stop there. We love you Stand – Please make your way to Tucson one of these days!

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