Summer Bucket List


Summer is here! Even though Arizona summers can be miserable and walking out your front door feels like opening a huge oven – I secretly love it. Here are 10 things I absolutely want to do this summer. 

  1. Go Camping! One of my most favorite summer activities – Northern Arizona is about a 4 hour drive from Tucson and they have some really awesome campgrounds. 
  2. Beach Trip – I don’t care what beach, really any beach will do. 
  3. Staycation – The resorts here are super nice, and therefore super expensive. But in the summer when nobody wants to vacation in the heat the prices drop and they offer some great packages.
  4. A road trip! It can be a day trip to some small Arizona town or a weekend trip. Summer isn’t complete without a good road trip.
  5. Shoot in manual – I’m going to force my self to practice and not revert back to automatic. 
  6. Plan our Honeymoon – We didn’t go after the wedding because of work and other factors and now we cant decide what we want to do – Bali? Greece? Thailand? Does anybody have any suggestions?
  7. Go to a concert – Partly because I have an outfit I want to wear and partly because there are some great country concerts coming to Arizona this summer. 
  8. Make homemade ice cream – I never did this growing up and now I feel like I missed out on some magical tradition. 
  9. Picnic Date – Brian and I used to be so good about our picnic dates – Every Friday evening, but then work and life got in the way. I’m determined to bring them back. 
  10. Go to a winery – There are a lot of great wineries in Arizona and I haven’t been to one of them. 


* Picture from a couple of summers ago when Brian surprised me with a trip to San Diego for my birthday.

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