San Luis Obispo

After our stop in Pismo we spent a couple of days in San Luis Obispo, we were blessed that some close family friends opened their home to us and we were able to stay with them. I feel like most of my California memories are in SLO. We spent a lot of time there, that’s where my mom worked and many of our friends resided.

One thing I definitely remember from SLO is the Thursday night farmers market. This farmers market is held EVERY (weather permitting, Thanksgiving excluded) Thursday from 6pm-9pm They hold the market on Higuera street and it spans 5 blocks, there are fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables, the best tri-tip and entertainment. I don’t know how long it has been going on but it was a weekly event for my family in the early nineties. Brian and I remarked multiple times what an amazing sense of community this market provided. It proved that despite this area’s growth you can still feel the charming small town atmosphere.




On Friday our family friends took us up in their SR22 airplane! It’s one thing to see SLO from the ground but to see it from above is a whole new experience. We were able to fly over fields and orchards and then over Avra Valley beach. I had never been in a plane that small and even though Brian tends to be the nervous flier, he seemed completely at ease, while my anxiety was at an all time high.


San Luis Obispo seems like such a fairytale town to me – I realize it’s easy to say that when you’re only there a few days but, between the scenery, the proximity to the beach, and the amazing sense of community it seems hard to beat. I hope we continue to visit SLO and enjoy what it has to offer, we all know I’m too much of a desert lover to ever leave AZ.

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