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Post Wedding Blues

Post wedding blues are real and difficult, and I was so sure I wouldn’t have them, but I was wrong.

From the time your significant other bends down on one knee till the time you say goodbye to the last guest on your wedding day, your whole world is wedding. Wedding planning, wedding parties, wedding dresses, wedding vendors. All I thought about from August till March was wedding. There were so many small things I pushed to the side and some life decisions I thought “I’ll get to it after the wedding”.

Then after the wedding came, the celebrations ended, and Brian and I were left with a pile of things literally and metaphorically we had set aside and now had to conquer. Our house was a disorganized mess (I get anxious in messy places), and more than the household chores Brian and I hadn’t spend a real weekend together in what felt like months.

And that is when the blues hit – I felt so overwhelmed, and at the same time unsure as to what to do with my time now. First thing I did was spend time with Brian – We did a lot of date nights without the phone or the TV, we played monopoly, we went out for drinks, tried new restaurants, took Twister on walks, we reconnected.

Then we tackled the house which is most definitely still a work in progress, we sold a lot of the wedding decorations, started piling things for a garage sale, and are slowly but surely organizing what was left untouched during wedding planning.

We’ve spent time with friends, something that has brought us both out of this post wedding daze, our weekend to Sedona with friends, having family and friends over dinner.

Through finding our routine and finding each other again my blues faded away. I realized that every day with my new husband is exciting and fun, that our wedding is all that I could’ve dreamed of, but our marriage is so much more.


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