Pinterest and Weddings – The Good and The Bad

Before Brian and I met, before we were engaged, before our wedding was mere months away I had a wedding Pinterest board. Filled with picture perfect reception halls, designer ball gown dresses and extravagant flower arrangements. I’m certainly not the only one – I think most girls have a wedding board even if a wedding isn’t being planned.  A special place on this big internet to save our favorite ideas, dresses, cute signs etc.

Some of my favorite wedding ideas come from Pinterest and I’m so glad I have had it, for research, for inspiration and more.

But I also have come to realize the dangers of Pinterest and a wedding board. Here you are scrolling through hundreds of photos of other people’s weddings – most likely the most perfect photo from their wedding. And there’s this pressure, this social media interference that if your wedding doesn’t have gold chiavari chairs, or a monogram on the dance floor, or thousands of dollars in greenery and flowers then it’s not good enough. How will you ever be able to share photos of it on social media? It certainly won’t compete with these Pinterest weddings. Then comes the feelings of shame and embarrassment – What does it mean that I’m not going to have the most perfect dreamy million dollar wedding?  And then I had a moment of clarity and almost had to rewire my brain – I had to remind myself that it will not be perfect, things will go wrong, and that’s ok. Remind myself that most likely people are not going to remember what kind of chairs they were sitting on or what the name of our signature drinks were. Most of all I have had to remind myself that this is not what our wedding is about. It is not a competition for the most repinned photos, it is not about being prettier than your best friends wedding, it’s not about whether or not my bridesmaids will have Kate Spade earrings on. It is about Brian and I, it is about us declaring a commitment to one another for the rest of our lives, sharing that moment with our closest friends and family, and beginning our marriage with a party.

Do I still use my Pinterest wedding board? Absolutely, I still very much love it, but I don’t feel as pressured by it. I don’t feel that our wedding has to be just like this or better – Our wedding will be beautiful, it will not be perfect, it will not cost us thousands and thousands of dollars, but it will be the most magical day of my life.

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