Last year REI created their opt outside campaign, they closed all stores (both on and offline) on black Friday and encouraged consumers to spend the day outside. This campaign turned into a huge movement and I’m so happy it did. Companies like Google, Subaru, and Meetup have joined this movement encouraging all to opt outside on black Friday.

As a society we are so motivated by material things and consumerism, I myself enjoy a good shopping spree. However, I have never been a fan of black Friday, I find it absurd that the day after a holiday so focused on giving thanks and being grateful,  people camp outside stores to buy TV’s or get half off a set of sheets. I recognize that some black Friday deals are hard to beat and people really score on their purchases, but, even then I can’t justify the spending and the buying just a day after Thanksgiving.

I believe the day after thanksgiving should be spent with friends and family – enjoying the outdoors, watching movies, decorating for Christmas, hiking, exploring, being mindful of oneself and all the blessings that surround us.

I have pledged to opt outside this year, and I hope you do too! I will be spending time with family and friends, watching some Gilmore Girls (anybody else crazy excited about that), going to the barn, and a hike in Catalina state park. I’m excited to disconnect and continue the feeling of thankfulness.

You can pledge to opt outside HERE and REI even has a search engine that produces hikes near you!

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  • We picked up our free State Park Passes from REI this morning! Our weekends look very similar…. binge watching Gilmore Girls and Catalina State Park!

    • I cant wait for Gilmore Girls!!!


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