One Good Thing About a Bad Day

Sometimes I have bad days – My depression and anxiety get the best of me and I have a very bad no good day.

It can be frustrating and hard to understand. I am so blessed with a job, a home, my health,  and people who love and support me – what do I have to be sad about? I could have everything I ever wanted and I would still have bad days. Everybody has them – and if they say they don’t they’re lying.

However, there is one positive thing about having a bad day – you have a 100% survival rate. Every time you thought you weren’t going to make it, that it wasn’t ever going to get better, you survived. Every time you felt your world caving in on you and your demons getting the best of you, you survived. Every day that you felt you couldn’t go on and the next day felt so far away, you survived.
You have survived everything life has thrown at you so far – not one thing, event, or person has been able to take you down. That’s a comforting thought – Not only have you survived so far but you will continue to survive and beyond that you will thrive.

So when my bad days come I remember I have survived and I will survive again.

*This picture has nothing to do with my bad day – but I can’t be unhappy when thinking of Disney

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