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Tucson Favorite: The Mini Time Machine Museum

The Mini Time Machine Museum is one of the best Tucson attractions. I’ve been wanting to go for so long, so yesterday my friend Melissa and I ventured into the world of miniatures. I had way underestimated the size of the museum as well as the quality of exhibits, I expected to spend thirty¬†minutes to an hour there but we were there for over two hours! Every exhibit and detail was exquisite and charming. You enter the museum through this grand beautiful front door with a miniature door next to it, of course.


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The Mini Time Machine Museum has hundreds of miniature artifacts, houses, and cabinets. The exhibits showed antique miniatures, modern miniatures, and fairy tale miniatures – some of my favorites were the Christmas village, the department store, and the wedding day house. So many of them I wished I could shrink down and live in.

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The attention to detail in the world of miniatures is out of this world. It’s funny because in my pictures the artifacts look large but they are really only the size of a fingernail. Beyond that the scaling is impeccable – In order to make it seem realistic every item must be scaled precisely, both Melissa and I were in awe the entire time at the attention to realism. Every corner of each piece was designed with such detail and concentration. Despite the time we spent there I could go back and find a million details I never saw the first time.





There was a birthday party going on while we were there and the kids seemed to be having a blast searching for the fairies hidden among the exhibits. The museum is definitely kid friendly and something both adults and children will enjoy. I highly recommend visiting the world of miniatures whether you’re visiting Tucson or a local, its impossible not to enjoy it.

Check out the museums website HERE

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