Gilmore Girls

I have always always loved Gilmore Girls – I have all the DVD box sets and have dreamed numerous times about living in Stars Hollow. When I heard they were doing a revival I almost cried I was so excited, I spent the last couple months re-watching seasons 1-7 and praying Luke and Lorelei would end up together. My friends (and bridesmaids) Melissa and Zoe are both Gilmore Girls fans, so to celebrate the revival I threw a little Gilmore Girls party.


We met in the morning and watched all 6 hours of the revival. I made eggs, bacon, and obviously COFFEE. We snacked through out the day and took a picture before each episode.






I was really happy with some parts of the revival and disappointed in others. I don’t think the episodes needed to be 1.5 hours – some parts seemed to drag on forever. I was satisfied with how it ended, I know a lot of people want more answers but I think it needed to end a little open, gives the viewers something to ponder and debate. It was so fun watching it with my best friends, we would pause after something shocking happened and discuss it. I so wish I had videoed our reaction to the last 4 words – I’m pretty sure we all jumped about a foot.


How did everybody else feel about the revival?

Lukes Mugs from HERE

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