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Disneyland Gluten Free – Monte Cristo

Having celiac disease often makes travelling slightly more difficult. Though there are many gluten free options now, one reaction ruins the whole trip for me. Disneyland and their special dietary request team have easily made my food dreams come true by accommodating my allergy every time I visit.

One of my top Disneyland tips, specially for those with food allergies is to make dining reservations. That way the staff and kitchen are prepared for your arrival and already aware of your allergy.


Cafe Orleans is a must stop anytime I’m at Disneyland. They have a great allergy menu, and I particularly love their N’awlins Ragout with blackened chicken. However, I always lusted after the Monte Cristos my family and friends were eating. They’re a Disneyland staple and I’ve never eaten at Cafe Orleans without somebody at my table ordering one. After doing some online research I found that some guests had been able to order a gluten free Monte Cristo and set out to see if I could order one during my next trip.

While preparing for my trip I made a standard dinner reservation online for Cafe Orleans, I marked that I had celiac disease and would need an allergy menu. I then emailed Disneyland’s special dietary requests team, inquiring if they could do a gluten free Monte Cristo. Within hours I had received a response stating they can do a gluten free Monte Cristo and that they had made the staff and kitchen aware that I would be ordering one during my reservation. I was informed that these need to be ordered in advance – I believe they bring the bread over from the Grand Californian. The sandwich is made using a separate fryer and utensils, greatly reducing the risk of cross contamination.


When I arrived at Cafe Orleans I told my waiter that I had ordered a gluten free Monte Cristo, after a quick trip back to the kitchen I was informed the necessary ingredients were there and it would be about 30 minutes.

I cried, when I took my first bite, I cried. It was the most satisfying delicious sandwich and I crave one probably every day. It’s served with fresh fruit and berry puree for dipping. I ordered two so that I could box one up and eat it later. I was just so ecstatic to be able to participate in this special Disney meal despite my disease.


This seems to be a Disneyland secret as it is not mentioned on their allergy menu or online. It is without a doubt my number one gluten free item in Disneyland. I highly recommend anybody who has celiac or a gluten sensitivity to take the time and plan for a gluten free Monte Cristo on their next trip to Disneyland, I promise you won’t regret it.

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