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Disney Proposal

I am a huge Disney fan. I love all things Disney, especially Disneyland. I listen to podcasts and read books about the history and creation of Disneyland. It only seemed natural that when Brian proposed to me it would be at Disneyland.

I made this fact quite clear throughout our relationship, leaving not so subtle hints every time we talked about Disney. About two weeks before he proposed, I mentioned getting engaged at Disneyland, and Brian shut me down pretty quickly — Saying he didn’t want a lot of people around and that Disneyland was too cliche. I knew a proposal from Brian would be incredible despite the location but I was admittedly a little heart broken that it wasn’t going to happen at the happiest place on earth.

I always thought I would know when Brian was going to propose. It’s really hard to keep a secret from me and I was sure I would be tipped off by something or someone. But I wasn’t – I had no idea. None. Not a single hunch. And there were so many moments that I could’ve said oh my gosh this is happening! But I was so wrapped up in our trip and being in Disneyland that these moments were so easily overlooked by me.


Before leaving for our trip my mom was very concerned about what outfit I was going to wear at Disneyland. I usually plan my outfits for trips and my mom usually makes fun of me for doing so, this was a moment I usually would’ve said why does she care what i’m wearing? But I didn’t, I thought she was finally getting on my outfit planning bandwagon. She also insisted I get my nails done before I leave and when I said I wanted orange she was very insistent that I choose another color. Just another moment that usually would be odd to me but I just thought maybe she just really hated orange nails?

At Disneyland Brian was acting very strange – He was going to the restroom a lot and being unusually quiet. I honestly didn’t pay much attention to his strange behavior (I’m sorry, I usually care, but not in Disneyland).


It was only after he proposed that all these moments linked together and I thought how could I not have known! But, I am so glad I didn’t know, I am so glad that I was shocked and surprised. It made the moment and the event that much more beautiful. I can’t wait to continue to visit Disneyland with each other and our future family. Not only is it the happiest place on earth but it now holds the memory of such a perfect beautiful moment.

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