bridesmaid proposal

Bridesmaid Proposal

A bridesmaid proposal is a relatively new concept to the bridal world. You see them on pinterest and etsy — Kate Spade Bracelets, hair ties, glitter champagne bottles — Perfectly crafted and witty ways to ask your best girls to stand by you on your big day.

I wanted to do something special for my girls but I also wanted it to be personal. Being a bridesmaid is no easy task these days, between the bride’s desires and society’s expectations bridesmaids put in a lot of time, money, and energy.


I started with plain white photo boxes that were on sale for two dollars each from Hobby Lobby. I sketched their names on top of the boxes and then filled them in with gold sharpie.

bridesmaid proposal

bridesmaid proposal

I used leftover scrapbooking supplies to make cards with the date, the colors, and the venue. I wrote a letter to each girl personally — I am a huge fan of hand written letters, it adds such a special intimate touch.

I filled the box with different things – champagne bottles, ring pops, lotions and bath gels, lush bath bombs, their favorite candy. I was really happy with the final product and I’m pretty sure my girls loved them too. I’m so glad I was able to ask them in a special way without breaking the bank.

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  • So sweet! I love the idea to include swatches of your colors and wedding details! I made a similar box and my bridesmaids loved it!


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