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4th Ave Street Fair

Yesterday my mom and I explored one of my favorite Tucson traditions – the 4th Ave Street Fair!

The street fair happens twice a year (spring and winter) and takes place on 4th Avenue, a street near the University of Arizona that is filled with local restaurants and unique shops. It really represents Tucson well, quirky and cute, unique and delicious, beautiful and eye catching. The street closes to traffic for three days and 400 plus vendors set up shop.

The vendors sell everything you could imagine – beef jerky, lotions, candles, popcorn, apparel, outdoor decor, paintings etc. There are a ton of activities for kids and live music – it’s such a fun place to spend a day.

I ran into my best friend Melissa and her friend Nichole. Tucson – the biggest small town.

The food is delicious street fair food including lemonade, roasted corn, tri-tip and plenty of deep fried deliciousness. I myself indulged in some roasted corn (my favorite) and a carmel apple. Mom and I both bought some candles and I found our 2016 family ornament as well as an ornament for Brian – we do an ornament exchange each year and I have a feeling the one hes getting this year might become his new favorite.

This is one of my favorite Tucson events – check out more about it HERE and the spring street fair will be March 24th – 26th 2017.

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