12 Dates of Christmas

Years ago before Brian and I were in a relationship my all time favorite blog LOVETAZA introduced me to the idea of 12 Dates of Christmas – Finding 12 big or small dates to do with your significant other over the holidays. Brian and I still exchange some gifts on Christmas but we’ve had so much fun celebrating the holidays together and surprising each other with dates. Overall in our relationship we try to value the moments and the memories over material items, and this tradition is a great way to implement that. We don’t do the same 12 dates each year though some will be around forever (like our ornament exchange), sometimes they’re big like going skiing together and sometimes they’re small like a quick coffee date.

Last year I put each Christmas date on a note card and then wrote a memory from it on the back. I had completely forgotten about it and we had some good laughs reading the memories, especially from the date where I had a little too much wine.

Our first Christmas Date this year was decorating the tree and the second will be seeing the Sound of Music play tonight (best Christmas surprise ever- it’s my favorite movie). I look forward to these 12 dates all year long, mostly because they combine my two favorite things Brian and Christmas. Below are some of my favorite pictures from Christmas dates of the past. 




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